Small Business Lighting

Get A Fresh New Look With Free Lighting.

New energy-efficient lighting will improve your in-store experience and save you money.  Here's how the program works:

Step 1

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your existing lighting.



Step 2

Get up to $1,500 in FREE energy-efficient lighing products professionally installed.


Step 3

FREE recycling of your old lights.




Step 4

Save on electricity.

New lighting will last longer - less maintenance.


Why Not Get Started Right Now?

There's no better time than the present to begin saving on energy costs, and showcasing your business in the best possible light - with the SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING PROGRAM.  Fill in the information below and we'll contact you to help you get started.  Or call 1-855-215-7235.

Renewable Generation

Please fill out this form if you have any questions about renewable generation projects such as FIT or MicroFIT.  Our staff will review and respond as soon as we can.

Contact Information
Please enter you questions/comments here and we will respond as soon as we can.

Request for Connection

Please fill out this form if you are requesting a new electic service connection. 

Please Provide the Company Contact Information

Please enter billing information for connection charges.

Please enter information for owner, if different from above. Thank you.

Final Read Request Form

Moving? Please complete this form to request a Final Read if you wish to have your service disconnected.

NOTE: Please allow for 3 working days after you have submitted your request.

Thank you.

Move Out Information

Please enter your new forwarding address.

Pre-Authorized Payment Application Form

Please complete all sections of the Pre-Authorized Payment Application Form which will instruct Collus PowerStream/Collingwood Public Utilities to withdraw payments directly from your account (regular chequing or savings accounts only). You must also attach a blank cheque marked “VOID” before submitting. Thank you.

Option #1 - Variable Payment Plan
  • The exact amount will be withdrawn on the due date

With the Variable Payment Plan we will automatically deduct the payment directly from your bank account each month. Your invoice will be sent to you as usual approximately two weeks before the due date. On the due date the net amount will be deducted from your bank account.  With this method of payment you have no more postage costs, no late charges and your bill is paid if you are away.

Option #2 - Equal Payment Plan
  • An equal monthly payment will be withdrawn

This option is a fixed monthly amount based on the previous 12 months consumption at your residence. The fixed amount is deducted from your bank account on the 1st or 15th (you choose) of the month. Your monthly invoice is still sent to you showing the balance of your account. The program ends with the August payment, then all the accounts are reviewed, and if necessary adjusted. Should a payment be required to bring your account to a zero balance it will be automatically deducted from your account. If we owe you, we will credit your account. The program is available anytime throughout the year. With this method of payment you have a fixed budgeted monthly amount, no more postage costs, no late charges and your bill is paid if you are away. Your participation in the plan may be terminated at any time, however we require five days notice.

NOTE: Any change to banking information or removal from the program will require 5 (five) business days notification.

Only two payments being returned from your financial institution will be permitted, at which time any balances owing to the utility will be required to be paid.

I/we hereby authorize Collus PowerStream/Collingwood Public Utilities to draw monthly debits electronically, in accordance to the preauthorized monthly program. I/we also confirm that the above information has been read and I/we  comply with the regulations of the of the preauthorized monthly program. 

Files must be less than 25 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp eps tif pdf doc docx.



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