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General Contractor Information

Economic Evaluations

If you are planning on building a Subdivision, the process of connecting to the Local Distribution Infrastructure will require coordination with Collus PowerStream. Contact with Collus PowerStream should occur in conjunction with your initial submission to the Municipality.

As part of the connection process, an Economic Evaluation is conducted by Collus PowerStream for all Expansion projects.  Contact us at 705-445-1800 for more information.  

General Contractor Requirements

Request for Connection Form

Information has been provided in our document, General Contractor requirements and Material Specifications for Municipal Subdivisions, available as a PDF file, below.

A Lineman working in an extended bucket

Table of Contents (You can download the full text of this document below.)
1.0 Contractor Approval
2.0 Inspection
3.0 Inspection Costs
4.0 Cable Termination & Testing
5.0 Material Specifications
5.1 Secondary Cables
5.2 Primary Cables – Main Express Feeders (3-Phase)
5.3 Primary Cables – Local Feeders (Single Phase)
5.4 Conduit Specifications for Primary Cables
5.5 Cable Fault Current Indicators
5.6 Transformers – Single Phase
5.7 Transformers – Three phase
5.8 Primary Switching Cubicle (Pad-mounted)
Approved Meter Socket List