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2016 Scorecard for Ontario’s Electricity Distributors


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Electricity Distributor Scorecard?

The scorecard is a new tool that measures how well Ontario’s electricity distributors (also called utilities) are performing each year.
Ontario’s electricity utilities will report their scorecard performance results annually, and make the results available to the public on their websites. The first results (showing the year 2014) are available on the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) and utilities’ websites as of September 29, 2015.
Why was the scorecard created?
The scorecard has been developed as a tool to allow customers to gain a better sense of how well their utility is performing.
The scorecard is designed to encourage Ontario’s electricity utilities to operate effectively, continually seek ways to improve productivity and focus on improvements that their customers value.
The scorecard is a key part of the OEB’s Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity Distributors – a new framework that is designed to support the cost-effective planning and operation of the electricity distribution network. It enables the OEB to align the needs of a sustainable, financially viable electricity sector with the expectations of customers, who want reliable service at a reasonable price.
In developing the scorecard, the OEB sought input from industry and consumer groups, including those representing vulnerable consumers. Read more about the scorecard here.
How can consumers provide feedback about their utility’s scorecard performance?
Consumers are encouraged to send any questions and/or comments to the OEB: