Riverside Crescent, Thornbury - Underground Rebuild

Dear Collus PowerStream Customer
In an effort to improve system reliability; Collus-PowerStream will be rebuilding our underground distribution infrastructure on Riverside Crescent.
As part of this rebuild; the existing transformers currently located in three of the metal streetlight bases as shown on the below map, will be replaced with new pad-mounted units to be located in the road allowance near the property lines very near to the existing metal street light poles. All four existing metal street light poles on Riverside Crescent will be replaced with new concrete street light poles as per Town standards. Examples of how the new transformer installations will look can be seen on Alice Street East opposite #47 Elgin Street or at the front of #11 Wickens Lane.
Further to the notice delivered in late April of this year, this notice is to advise that our contractor, Hapamp Elmvale Ltd., will be in the area in the coming days to start the work noted above. While some temporary outages will be required during the construction in order to facilitate the rebuild work, we will deliver further notices noting the specific times and dates of these outages prior to their occurrence.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please feel free to contact Brian O’Gay @ 705-445-1800 ext. 2259 or Ted Burrell @ 705-445-1800 ext. 2286
Yours truly;
Brian O’Gay
Collus PowerStream