Collingwood PublicUtilities

Drinking Water System Operational Plan

The Collingwood Public Utilities Management System (MS) is a total management system that encompasses operational planning and activities by giving due attention to product quality, the environment, employee health and safety and social responsibilities.  As an overall system, it effectively and efficiently covers all operational activities of the Collingwood Public Utilities as the owner and operator of the Collingwood Drinking Water System, and the environmental objectives at the Raymond A. Barker Ultra-Filtration Plant.  Our Operational Plan describes the MS and addresses the primary function of the Utilitiy, which is to produce and distribute safe drinking water that meets applicable legislative, regulatory and other requirements and to provide for the continual improvement of the MS.  The system is also designed to include all reasonable precautions for safeguarding the health and safety of the Utility's employees and to protect the environment within the concept of sustainable development.  The MS is designe dto ensure Collingwood Public Utilities achieves its goals of accrediation under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, comformance to the Ontario Health & Safety Act, and our certification status within ISO 14001.

Drinking Water System Operational Plan (pdf)