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The Retrofit Program is designed to help businesses become more energy efficient through upgrades while providing a financial incentive of up to 50% of project costs. With such compelling motivation for businesses to upgrade and save, the Retrofit Program is a great way for you to attract new customers and generate greater revenue.

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As a participating Retrofit Contractor with two or more completed projects, your contact information will be included in our Directory of Contractors. That means greater visibility for you when new customers are looking to take advantage of the Retrofit Program.

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You don't have to be a participating contractor to help your business customers take advantage of the Retrofit Program. Tell them about the potential for ongoing cost savings, reduced energy use, and a faster return on investment. More importantly, you can start the pre-approval process by providing them with a required quote. And, when you factor in the 50% incentive being offered, your quote becomes even more competitive.

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Collus PowerStream offers a Recognition Program on its web page in order to feature contractors that have participated in Collus PowerStream’s Conservation and Demand Management incentive programs. Collus PowerStream will establish and maintain the Recognition website for the purpose of featuring our contractors to Collus PowerStream customers (the "Recognition Website"). Should you wish to participate in the Recognition Program, you hereby grant Collus PowerStream a non-exclusive, royalty free and perpetual license to publish the information on the Recognition Website throughout the term of the Recognition Program, or until such time as determined by Collus PowerStream in its sole discretion.

You represent and warrant that: (i) you are the owner of all right, title and interest in and to the Contractor Website; (ii) you have duly registered the domain name of the Contractor Website with all applicable authorities and possesses all rights necessary to use, and grant a licence to Collus PowerStream to use the domain name; (iii) the Contractor Website does not and will not infringe or violate any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets or any other intellectual proprietary right of any third party or be libelous, defamatory or slanderous, or violate or invade any person's right of privacy or right of publicity under Ontario or Canadian laws. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Collus PowerStream, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents harmless from and against all losses, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and court costs) which may be suffered or incurred by Collus PowerStream or its affiliates or their respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees or agents arising out of or as a result of or relating in any manner whatsoever directly to claims in respect of but not limited to the infringement, violation or misappropriation of the intellectual property rights of any person with respect to the Contractor Website. The indemnity shall survive the termination or expiry of this Letter Agreement for a period of five (5) years.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

(i) Must be an Applicant Representative for at least one RETROFIT Application that has been approved for payment.

(ii) Upon the expiry or termination of this Letter Agreement by Collus PowerStream for any reason, Collus PowerStream has the right without notice to remove the Contractor Website hyperlink from the Recognition Website including and any other reference to the Contractor.

(iii) Collus PowerStream does not guarantee any increase in web activity or business activity as a result of your participation in the Recognition Program.

(iv) Your participation in the Recognition Website is not an endorsement by Collus PowerStream of the services you performed and you agree to never indicate as such under any circumstance.

Subject to additional terms and conditions found at Subject to change without notice. Save on Energy is powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator and offered by Collus PowerStream Corp. in partnership with Alectra Utilities Corp. OMOfficial Mark of the Independent Electricity System Operator. Used under licence.

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