Pilkington Glass manufacturer receives cheque for $146,049 for energy retrofits


Pilkington’s conservation effort removes the equivalent of 177 homes off the grid!
COLLINGWOOD, ON – Collus PowerStream recognized Pilkington Glass of Canada with a $146,049 cheque for reducing its electricity consumption by participating in the utility’s Save on Energy Retrofit program. The electricity savings are equal to removing 177 homes off the grid or 1/3 of the homes in Thornbury and will result in annual electricity savings of $175,000 for the company.   
Collus PowerStream worked with Pilkington, whose plant in Collingwood manufactures laminated automotive windshields, to facilitate this project which involved the upgrades to the plants compressed air system and dryers. This project included the installation of a 700 horsepower variable speed air compressor and three air dryers. The result of this Retrofit led to Collus PowerStream giving Pilkington the largest ever customer incentive cheque since the program began in 2007. 


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Pictured L-R: Ron Young, Engineering Group Leader, Pilkington Glass of Canada; Sara Almas, Co-chair Collus PowerStream Board of Directors; Cindy Shuttleworth, CFO, Collus PowerStream; Brian Hammond, Plant Manager, Pilkington Glass of Canada; Ed Noordink, Chief Operating Engineer, Pilkington Glass of Canada; Robert Gregoris, CDM Account Specialist, Alectra Utilities