Tender H17-09 Maple Street Pole Trans Relocation

Collus PowerStream would like to invite proponents to bid on our Maple Street – Pole Trans Replacement Project. To supply all necessary Labour, Equipment and Materials as itemized in “Schedule A – Unit Pricing” to complete the electrical system, as per Collus PowerStream’s Maple Street Pole Trans Relocation Project Drawings –  301 – Dated 10/13/17 and issued for construction 
The general scope of work for this project is listed on drawing 301.  The proponent shall base their price on this scope and “Schedule A – Unit Pricing”. 
NOTE: Collus PowerStream will be supplying specific material as noted on the drawings for this project. This material will be available at the utilities Operations Centre at 43 Stewart Road Collingwood, ON
Tender Closing Date: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 15:00